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Beautiful Villages of Italy


It ‘a club that collects small Italian towns of strong artistic and historical interest. He was born in March 2001, on the initiative of the Council for Tourism of the National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI), with the intent of helping to protect, preserve and revitalize small nuclei, which are common but sometimes even individual fractions, which, being of the outside of the main tourist routes, risk, despite the great value of being forgotten with consequent degradation, depopulation and abandonment. Initially, the group consisted of a hundred villages, subsequently grown to 199 (January 2010). The criteria for admission to the club meet the following requirements: • integrity of the urban fabric; • architectural harmony; • livability of the village; • quality artistic and historical heritage building public and private sectors; • services to citizens.

The association organizes, within villages, initiatives such as festivals, exhibitions, trade fairs, conferences and concerts that highlight the artistic and architectural heritage, the traditional cultural, historic, gastronomic, dialect, involving the people in the demonstrations and local agencies, municipalities, schools, cultural associations, poets and musicians.