Via Ripa, 22 - 71031 Alberona (Fg)
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Orange Flag of the TCI


Also referred to as the “Land of Water”, for the wealth of sources in the surrounding area, Alberona is a medieval village surrounded by woods. From the beautiful Muraglione you can enjoy a panoramic view of all the Tableland to the promontory of Gargano, Tremiti Islands and the sea of ​​Manfredonia.

Why Orange Flag
Alberona, one of the most beautiful and popular in the area, stands out for the variety and number of attractors is cultural-historical or naturalistic attractions. The municipal government is very active and present in the development of the area. Place quaint and relaxing, the year Alberona organizes and offers the visitor a rich calendar of appointments and events and lives preparation periods at parties and local traditions, almost all religious in nature and of ancient origin.

But what is the orange flag?
The orange flag is the Tourist Environmental Quality Mark the Italian Touring Club; is intended for small inland villages which are distinguished by an excellent service and a welcoming atmosphere. The brand has valid for two years and is subject to the maintenance requirements over time. The enhancement of cultural heritage, environmental protection, culture, hospitality, access to and availability of resources, the quality of accommodation, catering and local products are just some of the key elements to achieve the mark. The Orange Flag is one of the tools with which the Touring offers tourists and quality hospitality and resort to a tool for development.

The objectives
The Orange Flag intends to stimulate social and economic growth through sustainable development of tourism. In particular, the objectives are:
• the use of local resources;
• the development of a culture of;
• stimulation of crafts and local products;
• the pulse local entrepreneurship;
• the strengthening of local identity.